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There is an abundance of clean wind and solar energy that can produce green hydrogen and electricity to charge vehicle batteries, but there is no transport infrastructure to support rapid energy exchanges. Nor is there an infrastructure for hydrogen fuelled EVs.





A Better Place to Live - Planet Earth

A - Z electricity prices internationally and locally

A - Z index of electricity generating utilities and national grids

African electricity prices

Age of Electricity - A short history of electricity generation

AI - Artificially intelligent self driving automated vehicles

Ammonia - Future proofing investments

Argentina - Electricity prices

Argo AI - US autonomous self driving development supported by Ford & VW

Arwen - UK storm

Aurora & Uber - Self driving robotic taxis

Australasian electricity prices (Australia, New Zealand & Tasmania)

Automated and Electric Vehicle Act 2018 - 1. Listing AVs the Secretary of State
                                                           - 2. Liability accidents caused by automated vehicle
                                                           - 3. Contributory negligence etc
                                                           - 4. Accidents by unauthorised software updates
                                                           - 5. Right to claim from person responsible for accident
                                                           - 6. Application of enactments
                                                           - 7. Report Secretary of State on Part One operation
                                                           - 8. Interpretation, 9. Definitions
                                                           - 10. Public charge refuelling points standards
                                                           - 11. Large fuel retailers provision public points
                                                           - 12. Duty to make regulations requested by mayor
                                                           - 13. Information for users charging & fuelling points
                                                           - 14. Transmission of data relating to charge points
                                                           - 15. Smart charge points, 16. Enforcement
                                                           - 17. Exceptions, 18. Regulations
                                                           - 19. Report Secretary of State on Part Two
                                                           - 20. Minor & consequential amendments
                                                           - 21. Commencement, 22. Extent. 23. Short title

                                                           - Schedule consequential amendments

                                                           - Introduction, Sec State Listing,

AutoX - Self driving robotaxis in China, Dongfeng & Alibaba investors

Baidu - Apollo robotaxis at the Beijing Olympics in 2022

Batemans - Rudyard Kipling's home electricity generation for 10 Ediswan glass lamps

Battery Storage

Barra - Storm

Bio Diesel - Fuels produced from organic produce or recycled cooking oils

Blue is the new Green -

BMW i3 - Main dealer servicing costs in East Sussex, England

BP - British Petroleum's electric vehicle rapid plug-in charging stations

Canadian Board national electricity grid - prices

Cash - Paying for servicing or buying a car in the UK, with pound notes is almost impossible

Chicken and Egg Situation - Solving the EV infrastructure puzzle

China state national electricity grid - prices

Cleaner Cities - We want them

Climate - Help us to change it back

Coal fired power stations - Produce dirty electricity and global warming, floods and power cuts

Conferences of the Parties - United Nations Climate Change COPs

Consortium investment & funding partners

Corrie - Storm

Cruise LLC - General Motors, Honda and other investors driverless cars

Daily Express - November 2022, Wasted energy costs 140 million while bills high

Daimler - Electric and autonomous trucks

Didi Chuxing - Autonomous self driving robotaxis

Diesel & Petroleum - Fossil (Fools) Fuels

Dominion Energy Inc.

Dudley - Storm bringing power cuts

Duke Energy power corporation

Electricity - North American USA prices

Electrolyzers - Equipment to make hydrogen from water

Electric Vehicles - A to Z

Electrolyzers - Scaled up industrial electrolysis  of water

E.ON British electricity generating utility

EDF Electricite de France

Engie, French electricity generation and distribution

Ethanol - C2H6O Ethyl alcohol fermented from grain crops as a bio fuel E5 - E25 mixed with petroleum

Eunice - Storm causing power cuts

European electricity prices

Exelon Corporation USA

Fossil Fuels - We are addicted to coal, gas and oil, despite it making us ill - Carcinogens and climate change

Franklin - Storms causing blackouts

Fuel Cells

General Electric GE power generation and distribution utility 

George Westinghouse - Electrical and mechanical engineer, AC pioneer

Gladys - Storm

Global Twenty - G20 climate changers A to Z

Global Warming - And extreme weather

Godalming, Surrey - Earliest electric street lighting 1881

Grids - Networks of power transmission lines and cables internationally

GridServe - First EV rapid charge plug-in service station, Braintree, Essex, UK

Herstmonceux Generating Station - Sussex, England - extant complex from C. 1898

Historic England - Formerly English Heritage

History of power transmission and electricity distribution grids

Hydrogen - Batteries

HydroGrid - Invisible hydrogen national grid for alternative energy infrastructure solutions

Holborn Viaduct - Thomas Edison electric light power station 1882, world's first coal powered

Iberdrola Spanish electricity generator and distributor

Ike Robotics

India electricity National Grid Authority

Insurance - Automated and Electric Vehicles policies

Internal Combustion Engines - ICE - Nasty machines that add to global warming and cause lung cancer from particulates

ISEE - Robotrucks operating in shipping yards for container handling

James May - BBC Top Gear presenter on i3 BMW and Toyota Mirai, hydrogen fuel cell cars

Johnny Cabs - The autonomous taxis in the Arnold Schwazenegger film Total Recall

Joseph Swan - Inventor of the incandescent carbon filament lamp

JVH2 - Jules Verne Hydrogen Trophy - Most economical hydrogen car

KEPCO Korean electricity generation and distribution utility

Kodiak Robotics - Developers of driverless robotrucks

Levels of Automation  - 0 no driver assistance

                                - 1 driver assistance, for robotic automobiles

                                - 2 partial automation, hands off

                                - 3 conditional automation, eyes off

                                - 4 high automation, minds off

                                - 5 full automation, no driver input required

                                - 6 fully autonomous AI refuelling

Lime Park Heritage Trust - LPHT is a charity aimed at protecting the old Generating Station at Herstmonceux, Sussex

Load Levelling - The importance of keeping the grid balanced despite variable demands from renewables

Margaret Thatcher - Great British garage sale, sell-off of the National Grid to foreign interests

Maryland - Takoma Park, first EV only charging station, USA, Institute Energy

Mechanicville - The oldest AC hydro-electric power station 1897, Hudson river, USA

Meters - Not so Smart measuring and customer spyware devices

Methanol - Future proofing for hedge fund investors and policy makers

Middle Eastern electricity prices

Mix - Energy, hydrogen Vs battery storage for a sustainable infrastructure

MobilEye - Israeli autonomous robtaxi company

Momenta - Daimler backed autonomous robotaxi

Navya - Autonom robotaxi shuttle

Net Zero - What goes up comes down again

Next Era electricity distribution Florida, USA

Nikola Tesla - 3 phase alternating current (AC) patents

NuPort Robotrucks - Autonomous robotic trucking, Toronto, Canada


Oxbotica - TRL offroad transport research of 4x4 robotrucks

Patents - Why it is not a good idea to file, to allow big corporations to steal your ideas, when you get nothing back

Paris - 2015 Declaration on Electro-Mobility 

PAYD - Pay As You Drive, automated billing system for battery & hydrogen EVs

Pearl Street, New York City - Steam (coal) fired generating station September 1882

Platinum - A precious metal used to make fuel cells - Silicon valley startup with Toyota backing

Power Cuts - Because of a lack of back up infrastructure

Prices - Electricity charges in different regions depends on dividends to shareholders - Autonomous robotic vehicle


Red Flag Politics - Conflicts of interest

Renewable Energy -

REPowerEU - 300billion euro fund to end dependence on Russian fossil fuels


RoboBuses - Autonomous town & city transport

RoboCars - Cars that drive passengers autonomously

RoboCoaches - Autonomous long range passenger vehicles

Robotaxis - Autonomous artificially intelligent city transport

Robotrucks - Autonomous heavy goods vehicles

RoboVans - Autonomous commercial delivery vans

Russian electricity prices

RWE - Neurath & Hamm, Germany, 220MW energy load levelling grid frequency stabilising system

Scottish and Southern Electricity distribution utility

SDGs - Sustainability Development Goals, United Nations

Security - Energy self-sufficiency for reliable politically independent electricity

Shell - Rapid plug-in EV charging points

Smart Energy International - May 2022, Grid needs long endurance energy storage

Smart Networked EV Service Stations

Smart Meters - Pros and cons, media reports, high costs, faulty equipment, data privacy in domestic situations

Smarter Cities - An electrified infrastructure to support zero emission EVs

Solar Power - Electricity generation

South Asian electricity prices

Southern Company electricity generation and distribution Atlanta, USA

Speeding fines, point on driving licenses and bans - could be things of the past

Standing Charges - A shameful rip off by billionaires in exchange for no alternative infrastructure investment or R&D

Storm Dudley

Storm Eunice - Friday 18th - Monday 21st February 2022 - power cuts and little back up

Storm Franklin -

Storm Gladys -

Storms A to Z index - 2021 to 2022

TEPCO Tokyo electricity power company, Japan

Tesla - Robotic self driving cars and trucks

Thomas Alva Edison - Inventor of the light bulb USA

Trademarks Nice international classification system of goods and services in classes 1 - 45

Trademarks - UK03640193 in classes 1, 4, 9, 12, 37, 39, 42 (May 2021)

Transmission - A history of development of generation and distribution of electricity

TuSimple - Driverless trucks in the USA

UK National Grid plc - Electricity prices

Ukraine - Electricity prices

UNESCO - United Nation Education Scientific and Cultural Organization

United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - 7, 9, 11, 13

Universal smart energy cartridges for autonomous EV servicing

Ursula von der Leyen, European Commission's REPowerEU 300billion euro fund to end dependence on Russian fuels

USA - Electricity prices

Voltages - 110 and 240 volt regions, high voltage transmission lines

Volvo - Autonomous solutions, Robotrucks

Waabi - Raquel Urtasun's AI software development for self driving vehicles

Waymo - Unmanned self driving taxis and trucks

WeRide - Chinese autonomous vehicle company, with Mitsubishi, Nissan & Renault investors

Wind Power - Electricity generation

World War Three - Prevention is better than cure - energy independence




Zero Emissions
Zoox - Amazon's robotaxi service company









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