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There is an abundance of clean wind and solar energy that can produce green hydrogen and electricity to charge vehicle batteries, but there is no transport infrastructure to support rapid energy exchanges and roadside battery repairs or servicing. The OEMs don't seem to have thought that far ahead.





We are looking to build industry partners, to develop a transport infrastructure for electric vehicles based on renewable energy. With a bonus that power cuts from storms could be a thing of the past.


Essentially, this is a social enterprise, save that commercial partners might trade and make profits, as development proceeds past the development and trial phases that we envisage.


Enquiries from academia, utilities and electric vehicle manufacturers are invited.


We are also inviting interest from philanthropists and private investors.


Please contact us via the Cleaner Ocean Foundation Ltd (a not for profit company) for details.


A trading offshoot might be established if there is sufficient interest from investors, provided such enterprise aims to push the technology to installations and operations, which must of course yield a profit to be viable.


Prospectus exemptions, stocks & shares, hedging your bets.





Please use our A-Z INDEX to navigate this site



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