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Better Place were too far ahead of their time with the EV service station above. This advanced unit could exchange battery cartridges in minutes, rather than use plug in charging, but could not cater for hydrogen (compound) fueled vehicles, or offer load levelling for national grids as with the SmartNet™ system we are hoping to develop, as our contribution to sustainable cities and rural communities. Maybe with assistance in the form of fee reduced Green Patents.




Cart before the horse, or chicken and egg situation, both descriptions describe the lack of infrastructure to enable the mass adoption of EVs. If Electro-Mobility is to happen in the very near future, we need to get on and solve this dilemma.


In essence we need a low cost, yet comprehensive energy network. This, we simply don't have in 2022. Not even a glimmer of one aiming at COP35 and 2030! We need a system to cater for all EVs, deal with power cuts and worsening storm conditions, such as Storm Dudley, Storm Eunice and Storm Franklin in February of 2022.


Policy makers have been caught out by the speed of climate warming. In braking the EV revolution from the nineties, now trying to make up for lost time before 2030, they are asking a lot of automobile OEMs and T/DSOs, as a race against temperature, with the clock ticking against us. For the sake of the planet, we think it is now generally accepted that we cannot afford to apply the brakes again.


Driving policy cannot be left to those with a stake in fossil fuels. The conflict of interests is too great for impartiality in decision making. No disrespect to the existing energy industry, who we owe a great deal to. This is just common sense.


There are solutions on the horizon, one of which is SmartNet™, for which we are seeking development partners. SmartNet caters for all EVs. Even robotrucks.





SMARTER SERVICING - The SmartNet™ system is at the moment just a 1:20 scale model. You can help us turn this concept into a reality by including us in any of the forthcoming UKRI or Horizon Europe cluster 5 calls for proposals - perhaps using the hop-on feature - for existing consortiums. We bring IP and other know-how to the table. The proposed system is ideal for unmanned robotic vehicles, needing to refuel without human assistance - such as long haul heavy goods vehicles and city taxi services.






Imagine an EV service station that stores off-peak energy from renewable sources, such as from solar and wind farms for smart load levelling.


Imagine that this service station might provide electricity to BEVs for rapid charging and (when perfected) Ammonia, Hydrogen, or Methanol for FCEVs.


Imagine the autonomous EV revolution where buses, trucks and taxis drive themselves, but will run out of energy, so need humans to plug in for charging and filling with hydrogen - their robotic Achilles' heel. Now imagine a service station that can refuel compatible vehicles, without a human in sight. Imagine this station can also provide energy to incompatible vehicles.


Imagine a billing system that is automatic with the automated vending. With PAYD™ that too is possible as part of a SmartNet™ service station


Imagine no more, this concept is a reality in the making, that we are developing in the hope of attracting manufacturing and distribution partners. But first we need cooperation from stakeholders in R&D before they go too far down a more expensive and less versatile route, in the process raising their carbon footprints and global temperatures.


We are an SME looking to join or form a consortium, where we can provide a business model, IP protection, information dissemination, project steerage and planning advocacy. We are too small to lead a bid for UK or Horizon Europe funding calls. If you think smarter cities and cleaner towns are a good idea, and would like SmartNet (or any variation of it) as an option.


Please work with us, or invest in us.





There is an abundance of clean wind and solar energy that can produce green hydrogen and electricity to charge vehicle batteries, but there is no transport infrastructure to support rapid energy exchanges and ammonia or methanol.





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