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Vladimir Puting is a War Criminal, willing to risk nuclear war in his quest for world domination



There is an abundance of clean wind and solar energy that can produce green hydrogen and electricity to charge vehicle batteries and recharge fuel cell vehicles, but there is no infrastructure to support such energy independence. A SmartNet system could be the solution, as a means to prevent any country holding others to ransom over energy supplies.




In becoming slaves to fossil fuel suppliers, such as less than stable administrations, customers for oil and gas are actually funding the ambitions of war criminals like Vladimir Putin, with imperialist agendas, as in the present conflict, where, predictably, Russia invaded the Ukraine, having occupied Crimea without real protest from NATO or the UN. Anticipating the West would roll over again - another walk in the park.


Present administrations were gambling with our future - heralding the cost of living crisis. Thanks chaps!


That is the view of many forward thinkers, where it appears that the Military intelligences of United Nations' members, including the EU and UK, appear to have drastically misunderstood the build up of disposable wealth, and the reason for stockpiling all that wealth. Including transferring that oil, gas, and even 'drug money' to other countries. Where there are few checks and balances as to legitimacy, and where that money is coming from. Hence, the dearth of oligarchs and Middle Eastern investors in houses in the UK - by way of example. Such investment in overseas territory, laundering their ill gotten gains.


To prevent this happening again, it might be an idea to secure energy independence - even if that means developing the technology, as if our lives depend on it. In the words of Greta Thunberg, "As if our house is on fire."


Governments need to take the bull by the horn and push new policies with real punch, to put us on a war footing. Grant funding for mavericks with ground breaking ideas outside of the existing energy industry - should be given more of a priority than the sleeping giants who are resting on their laurels. The EU is looking at this problem seriously, via their REPowerEU initiative.






POLICIES NEED TO BE SMARTER - Or perhaps we need better informed, or more proactive politicians. Maybe MP and Ministers should be required to pass examinations as to their suitability for important positions, like defence, energy, transport and food security. All to often civil servants and politicians are appointed to specific tasks, who are woefully unprepared for the tasks they are taking on. Or, are connected to competing interests, with one eye on consultancy fees for promoting unsustainable policies, to keep them alive, when a circular economy requires otherwise.






Whereas, at present:


1. There are no policies that will ensure the necessary technology is developed, to force competing electricity generators and suppliers to cooperate for the good of mankind.


2. Politicians still harbour conflicts of interest as Red Flags to progress. They must relinquish their votes.


3. The at present opaque level of transparency, requires crystal clear clarity to avoid procurement frauds.


4. Energy companies who refuse to cooperate, should be fined and stripped of franchises by way of a statutory enforcement (regulatory) function.


All of these issues require rapid change, in the development and implementation of fast-forward policies. Only the legislature can enact such change. Hence, the ball is fairly and squarely in the hands of the elected politicians. Regrettably, if those politicians are not up to the challenge, we must elect competent substitutes ASAP.






We have relied on petrol (gasoline) and diesel vehicles to now, but they have proved damaging to the environment and human health, in part causing global warming and lung cancer, leading the EU, G20 and United Nations to want to ban the sales of new fossil fuelled vehicles from 2030.


There is ample renewable energy from solar and wind farms to replace our reliance on oil, but there is as yet no medium to entice OEMs to produce vehicles that will be compatible with such a system, where it would require modification to existing platforms. Hence, we have a chicken and egg situation that must be solved if society is to benefit from cheaper zero carbon transport - and avoid funding conflicts that could lead to World War Three.





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