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NOT A PISTON IN SIGHT - Electric cars like the BMW i3, and many other brands, could be converted to run on hydrogen fuel cells. But, why were they not designed like that in the first place: Plug and Play?





Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs) are dangerous machines that pump unhealthy particulates into our atmosphere, causing global warming and lung cancer.


Why Original Equipment Manufacturers have not bee required to fit exhaust filters to remove carcinogens and greenhouse gases, remain a wonder to us.


The technology to go green, ecologically or environmentally friendly has been around for decades. Except that policies over the last fifty years have been based on income from the oil giants. Thus, there are subsidies for very dirty transport that is killing us and the planet.


It is nonsense!


Continued reliance on petroleum based fuels is not only foolish in climate change terms, it is also unhealthy for the population.


Alternatives to these fuels are far cheaper, providing less expensive energy to the end user, but politicians will not budge all the while they are supported by funds from fossil fuel companies. Hence, it is dubious practices in politics that is the real blocker to reducing global warming.




It is not their fault. All the while you keep voting for politicians and policies that have caused the cost of living crisis, they will keep on abusing your generosity. And keep on devaluing your savings. In the process pumping greenhouse gases into the air, and filling our hospitals with cancer patients, from the toxic atmosphere that have created.


What should have happened, is the introduction of statutory policy changes to force energy companies to provide renewable electricity, using storage technology (hydrogen or battery combinations) to overcome the intermittent nature or wind and solar power. Or take away their franchises, by way of forfeiture for failing to comply with statutory requirements.


Similar policies could have been applied to car and truck makers.


Politicians generally are not forward thinking. They are more patch up and react to emergencies in hindsight. That is why Europe and the USA is addicted to harmful fuels like coal, gas and oil for power generation, and diesel and petroleum for transport. Despite the health issues caused to thousands of victims in cities every year.


It is a UN SDG requirement for governments to provide cheap energy and sustainable transportation. But each year we have a FLOP, instead of a COP.















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