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CLEANING UP OUR ACT - Climate change is forcing the pace for zero emission solutions, but we still have no sustainable energy supply system for EVs. Henrietta above, thinks she may have something to chirp about. She thinks she may have cracked it.




The rush to adopt Electric vehicles presents us with a classic chicken and egg situation, as to what comes first, when contrasted against the lack of supporting infrastructure.


In small numbers, plug in charging using mains electricity is fine. No overload. But as soon as the numbers creep up, we have a major re-dispatch issue, hence V2G as a possible solution.


Of course there is the small matter of the time it takes to charge up. But, let's leave that for now.


Hydrogen fuel cell powered EVs, present a different problem. There is no hydrogen gas main to tap into. And not enough vehicles to operate dedicated high pressure service points (at a station) on an equitable basis. These could not be roadside units as with battery EVs, and at present hydrogen needs to be trucked in.


What if there was a service station that could charge BEVs and supply pressurised hydrogen for FCEVs. What if that same service station could also provide fast energy exchanges for compatible Robotrucks and Robotaxis, with automatic billing.


What if this service station could also load level erratic supplies of solar and wind generated electricity, store it, and give it back to the grid when needed.


Well, that is what SmartNet does.


Why put all your eggs in one basket?


The only problem is going from the egg of a concept, to the chicken that lays eggs. We are a small entity with limited resources. We are an egg waiting to hatch our ideas. One way that might happen is with a consortium led by bigger organisations, with similar objectives. Perhaps, aiming for the forthcoming Cluster 5 Horizon Europe collaborations, as an example.







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